Level II Radar Information

RadarPGUAHour 11
Location:Andersen AFB/Tiyana Guam
Last update:0 Hours, 1 Minute, 7 Seconds
Latest ingest:2022/01/25 11:48:00
Current latency:-10.955 seconds
Avg latency:-10.78 seconds
Peak latency:0@00:00

Operator Notes

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Free Text Messages

NOUS60 PGUM 240545 FTMGUA Message Date: Jan 24 2022 05:43:37 PGUA (Andersen Air Force Base Weather Surveillance Radar 1988 Edition) is down f or routine maintenance and calibration. Estimated return to service: 6PM 1/24/2 022 -WFO GUAM
NOUS60 PGUM 242306 FTMGUA Message Date: Jan 24 2022 23:04:42 PGUA will be down the next several hours for maintenance. Estimated return to se rvice 4-6pm Tuesday 1/25/22 -WFO Guam