Level II Radar Information

RadarRKSGHour 12
Location:Camp Humphreys/Camp Humphreys KO
Last update:81 Hours, 55 Minutes, 41 Seconds
Latest ingest:2018/05/22 12:10:41
Current latency:2.227 seconds
Avg latency:4.56 seconds
Peak latency:30@09:39

Operator Notes

Radar site RKSG is RED on RADAR Level II, III monitor. Check of RADAR FTP directory and last product sent at 1204z. Problem under investigation. An FTM expected when more is known.

Free Text Messages

NOUS68 PAFC 221210 FTMKSG Message Date: May 24 2018 22:59:56 RDA OUTAGE UFN, WAITING FOR PARTS.