Level II Radar Information

RadarPABCHour 19
Location:Bethel/Anchorage AK
Last update:3 Hours, 54 Minutes, 44 Seconds
Latest ingest:2017/05/22 19:16:56
Current latency:1.232 seconds
Avg latency:4.12 seconds
Peak latency:17@14:46

Operator Notes

[NCO/SS-MCL] RADAR (PABC) down on RADAR Level (II & III) monitors. The last product sent from the site was at @(5/22/2017 19:15)Z. The WFO issued the following FTM: (NOUS68 PAFC 162355 FTMABC ISSUED TUE MAY 16 2017 2355 UTC THE BETHEL NEXRAD (PABC) IS CURRENTLY DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. )

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