Level II Radar Information

RadarKTYXHour 08
Location:Ft Drum/Burlington NY
Last update:0 Hours, 25 Minutes, 36 Seconds
Latest ingest:2017/10/20 08:06:00
Current latency:4.640 seconds
Avg latency:4.64 seconds
Peak latency:5@05:55

Operator Notes

KBTV 171304 FTMTYX Message Date: Oct 17 2017 13:13:37 KTYX Radar at Fort Drum New York will be down for maintenance today, Tuesday Oct ober 17 2017 through at least Wednesday evening, October 18 2017. We apologize f or the inconvenience.

Free Text Messages

NOUS61 KBTV 171314 FTMTYX Message Date: Oct 18 2017 19:51:50 KTYX will be down overnight through at least Thursday for radome painting.